From Monday 17th October the Young Athletes Group will move to Pendle Vale School on Monday nights from 7pm to 8pm.  They will train in the sports hall using indoor athletics equipment.

The Endurance Squad (Noel’s group) will move to Pendle Vale at the same time but will run on roads in the surrounding area.  We need parents to run with this group – please see Noel.

The Intermediate Squad (Paul’s group) will not move to Pendle Vale until mid November – this is different to the handout.  This group will stay at Seedhill Track until then but will go on road runs whenever possible – we could also do with one parent to help to operate this safely.  When at Pendle Vale the intermediate squad will do sprints, endurance and speed interval sessions using the space in front of the school and the fitness trail.

The sprint and throws squads will remain at the Seedhill Track during the winter, as will the Wednesday young athletes group.

Please note that all road runs will require a reflective top and these can be provided by the Club.  White tops are not sufficient.

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