I have included the details from the subscriptions page.  If you haven’t paid then you are one month overdue.  Please don’t risk the unpleasant experience of being asked to leave a training session!

Club subscriptions are set at the AGM each year.  Subs are then payable by the end of March.

This money goes towards general club costs including equipment, coach training, insurance and essential administration. In addition, for athletes over 11 years old, we have to pay a £5 fee to England Athletics that includes athlete and coach insurance.

We seek to keep our fees as low as possible to allow as many people as possible to participate.

No club officials or coaches are paid for their work.

In addition Pendle Leisure charge a fee for use of the track.  The Club does not receive any of this money.  There are three ways to pay this track charge: each time you use the track (£2.90 in Sept 2010), via a 6 month pass (£50 in Sept 2010) or through joining the Activo scheme as either a junior of full member (ask in reception for details and costs).

One of the least pleasant jobs for the committee members is chasing people for subs.  Ultimately we will stop people training because we are not insured and also this is not fair for those people who do pay their subs promptly.

The following membership categories apply (all subs are for 2012):

Young athlete – Year 4 primary school up to junior. £11

Junior – those athletes whose 11th birthday falls on or before 31st August in the current subscription year, up to age 20. £20

Senior – aged 20 years on 31st December in current subscription year or older £26

Family – two adults and all children (year 4 to 17 years of age) £47

Associate – parents and non competing members £6

In 2012 we have to pay £5 per athlete to England Athletics for all athletes junior and upwards.

Anyone who has difficulty paying subscriptions should approach the chairman or secretary in confidence.

Second claim athletes – for a senior where another club has paid the England Athletics affiliation fee £12

Membership application form  pac-MembershipForm A cheque payment is preferred payable To Pendle AC.

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