Just a formal reminder that club athletes must compete in the correct age groups and not run below the minimum age limit for a race.  Parents often feel that youngsters will benefit from a longer distance or tougher competition, however the rules have been put in place for sound reasons.

In general young athletes are coached for speed rather than endurance, in line with their physiology as they grow up.  Some athletes may be capable of longer distances but others won’t be.  At younger age groups all coaches are targetting long term athlete development rather than short term success.  For me, if a youngster I still competing when they are 18 years old then that is more satisfying than lots of medals aged 11 and then dropping out of sport.

This post is because the Club has received a letter from the Fell Running Association advising us that a number of club runners competed recently below the minimum age for the race.  In fell running there are maximum distances for all ages up to 18.  Parents involved have been advised.

Athletes enter fell races as individuals but in situations such as this then the Club has to get involved.  Please do comply in the future.  Race organisers have been told that they have no discretion in this area.

The age limits were publicised on this website on the 19th February and 3rd March, with specific reference to the races involved.  Failure to comply invalidates the organiser’s insurance which is provided through UK Athletics and means that the young athlete has no insurance cover.



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