I was down at the track as early as 7.00am erecting the gazebo and unloading the barbeque in the steady drizzle. I was saddened to see weeds in the terraces, the half painted fence and the bins that hadn’t been emptied.

However the athletics turned out to be compelling, the weather favourable and the Thai curry was just the ticket for many people, (only one person asked for a hotdog) for the annual Pendle Open.

The results will be available shortly, but I would like to thank everyone involved in staging this event – in particular Paul Wilson and Christine Chorlton, the starter, track referee, field referee, time keepers, track judges, all parents who acted as officials, St Johns Ambulance, the track staff and kitchen staff without whom this event would not be possible.

Finally – I would like to thank all athletes who participated in this 33rd Pendle Open because you helped make my day and I guess many other people too.

Tips of  The Day

1. Alison – don’t shout for your favourite athletes whilst officiating trackside.

2. If you enjoyed the curry, I’m taking orders.

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