Following the Olympics we have loads of new members and Club membership is at it’s highest for a number of years.  This is great news, but we really need some additional helpers including some who are prepared to train as coaches.

Tonight we had three parents genuinely volunteer to help out and perhaps go onto gaining an initial coaching qualification.  The Club will pay for the training and the courses are good fun and well organised by England Athletics.  There are a variety of qualifications but for most starting out you would go for Coaching Assistant.

Initial training is just one day and there is no exam, people who demonstrate willingness and basic aptitude pass.

The commitment is what ever you can give.  The number of coaches being able to coach 4 days a week is very limited, most of us can manage one evening session per week, with some other commitments taking precendence.  If we have a pool of Coaching assistants the load can be shared.

If you are training yourselves then Paul’s Intermediate group has a need for adults to run with the youngsters so you also get a work out.

Please talk to Paul or Christine and we will have a look for courses.  If you don’t feel able to commit to being a coach, then adult helpers are always welcome, especially during the winter both inside for sports hall and with the intermediate and endurance squads outside.

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