We can now confirm that we shall be hiring Fisher More High School’s sports hall for indoor training on Monday evenings for the club’s young athletes group.


Training indoors will commence on MONDAY, 5 November 6:45 – 7:45 p.m. and will continue until the middle of MARCH 2013.  Athletes using the facility will be charged £2.00.  Athletes should meet and be collected inside school, but parents can be assured that an official from the club will remain at the school until all athletes have been collected.

As mentioned in a previous letter distributed to the Young Athlete group all children training with the club must be members; their details are stored on an England Athletics database which ensures they have insurance cover. The club will also then have full contact details, emergency contact details and any medical information which may need to be taken into consideration by club coaches.

 It should therefore be noted that after Monday, 29 October, the outdoor Monday sessions for the Young Athlete Group will discontinue until March 2013, when we will return to the track.  The Sprints and Throws group remain at Seedhill track throughout the winter and the Wednesday sessions for young athletes also continue at the track throughout the winter.

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