This is Paul’s squad that meet on Monday’s at 7pm.

In previous years we have moved to Pendle Vale School, along with the Young Athlete and Endurance squads, for the winter.  Most of the training was still outside.  Unfortunately the School has cancelled our booking and the young athletes are now going to Fisher More instead.

A decision has been made that the Intermediate Squad will stay at Seedhill track.  This is because of the safety implications of running at Fisher More compared to Pendle Vale.  At the latter the intermediate squad made use of the fit trail and didn’t go out of the school grounds.  At Fisher More training would be a road run.

We know that some parents will have to visit both sites for different children.  Paul will wait at Seedhill track until all of his group have been collected; please ask your children to stay inside the Seedhill gates and not wait on the roadside.

We are still short of coaches for this group.  Paul has a commitment on one Monday per month and is occasionally away on business at other times.  If we cannot get more support then some sessions will have to be cancelled.

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