Liverpool Mid Lancs Cross Country
24th November 2012

It was not the best weather for running, quite cold but it managed to stay fine for the race.  Liverpool is a fantastic national Cross Country event with runners coming from all over the country including Guernsey ! There is a buzz in the air, music and commentary for the whole event making it exciting to watch. Again it was extremely muddy which made the running heavy going but again we had a good turnout from Pendle.
In the U11 Girls, Ruby Schofield had an outstanding run coming in 19th in the Mid Lancs Results with Alex Baker and Ella Atkins surviving the tough course – well done girls – I know they were all frozen at the start so well done for running.
The U13 Boys again saw Kai Atkins finishing strongly in 9th place in the Mid Lancs League with Joe Lonsdale finishing 21st, Jacob Van Geffen having an excellent run finishing in 30th with Gregan Baker finishing in 33rd.  Spencer Phelan, running for the first time at Liverpool found the conditions difficult but continued to finish the race. ( Although he said it was the ‘worst race of his life’ he is already considering doing it all again next year – that’s the spirit !)  It may also have something to do with the fun they had in the autumn leaves, the tree climbing and the feeding of the tame squirrels !!
The U15 Boys saw fantastic runs from Matthew Barnes coming in 7th in the Mid Lancs League, James Marchant finishing strongly in 11th, Thomas Marchant, who had a brilliant run came in 17th and Tiarnan Crorken finishing in 27th.  These are massive running fields so all runners performed brilliantly.  The U15 Boys Team finished in 2nd place – well done.
The U17 boys saw Matty Dutton and Josh Ingham enduring a tough course finishing in 16th and 30th places respectively.

In the Ladies, Anna Anderson had a brilliant run finishing in 9th place with Faye Holden surviving the tough conditions.

All in all, it was a pleasant autumnal morning which again saw fantastic runs from all Pendle members

Lynn Baker

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