If any parents are interested in becoming a coach could they please talk to Christine or Paul.  We are heavily reliant on a few people and could really do with some cover.

After speaking with a few of you over the last few months, the same area
has been brought up – Coach Education and the lack of local courses. I
have been speaking with Debbie Beresford the Education Coordinator, who
is happy to look at holding a Coaching Assistant and Athletics Coach
course in Lancashire. I was wondering if you could let me know if this
is something your coaches would be interested in and how many coaches in
your club would be interested.

We can also look at splitting the course differently – for example the
assistant coach can be done over 4 evenings(6pm-9pm) instead of a full
weekend and the Athletics coach can be either one day a weekend or we
can look to split it into evening slots.

If this approach would suit your coaches better please let me know and I
will feed it back.

If you could let me have your clubs thoughts by the 8th March that would
be much appreciated.




Club and Coach Support Officer


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