The Club now has an active Facebook site and this is the ideal place to post race reports, results and photos.  Members can post these directly.

The website is a bit more involved, and at the moment only Paul can post articles and photos.

Going forward I only plan to put a few photos on the website, normally those of general interest.  The alternative would be to try and record each athlete in an event.  Normally one photo per event will accompany the website post.

In this way the website will act as a “front window” for the Club attracting new members and publicising our successes.  Conversely the facebook site will have lots of content aimed at existing club members and parents.  I appreciate that this may be an issue for younger members not on facebook, but I don’t believe that this age group look at the website anyway.

As I have always done, I will be careful which photos I use on the website, and would encourage people to do the same on facebook.  However if anyone doesn’t wish their photo, or photos of their children, to be published then please tell Christine, who is the Club Welfare Officer.


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