(Monday, 2 September)

Inspired Facilities Grant.

Many of you are aware that the club, along with Pendle Leisure Trust was successful in obtaining an Inspired Facilities grant from Sport England, to resurface the track at Seedhill.  The track has been deteriorating for some time, with large cracks appearing in several areas, making it a Health and Safety issue.  We received a grant of £50000 towards the cost of resurfacing the track and Pendle Borough Council then had to match this grant.  The Trust had a full survey completed at Seedhill and it was concluded that the throwing circles and the water jump area also needed a complete overall. Last week the council confirmed that all the work could go ahead at Seedhill and it would provide the extra money required.  The work will start on Wednesday, 4 September and will continue for six weeks, depending upon the weather.  We have been making arrangements to cover training sessions for this period.

Sprint Group.

The sprint group will use Burnley A.Cs track on Barden Lane on Mondays and Thursdays.  These sessions are open to all of David’s athletes.  The first session will be on Thursday, 5 September, 7.00 p– 8.00 p.m. and there will be a session on Monday, 9 September.  On Wednesdays the group will meet at Seedhill track and will use the tunnel until work at the track has been completed (7-8 p.m.).  Please note the group will be on a rest period after the 9 September session for two weeks.  Training will commence at Seedhill (tunnel) on Wednesday, 25 September.

Throws Group

The group will use Barden Lane Track on Mondays and Thursdays.  The first session will be on Thursday, 5 September and there will be a session on Monday, 9 September.  Derek is then on holiday for three weeks, returning on Tuesday, 1 October.  Senior athletes will be able to train whilst Derek is away but we are awaiting a reply from Burnley with regards to training for the younger athletes in the group.  We have asked if Burnley has throws sessions on Mondays and Thursdays and if they do, could a small group of our younger athletes join them.

The cost for athletes to use Burnley’s track is £1.00

Young Athletes’ Group (Mondays)

This will be the last session at Seedhill track.  We contacted Fisher More High School today to enquire if we can bring forward our indoor sessions (usually, we would start our sessions indoors mid October).  Their caretaker has agreed, so we will begin indoor training at Fisher More on Monday, 23 September. Sessions will then continue at the school until mid March 2014.  Therefore, therewill be a two week break for this group.  The next training session will be on Monday, 23 September.  Training will start at 6:45 p.m. until 7:45 p.m.  The cost per session is £2.00.

Young Athletes’ Group (Wednesday)

We have not yet been able to arrange any alternative sessions for those athletes who can only make Wednesday sessions.  The Monday sessions at Fisher More are open to these athletes if it is suitable.

Monday (Intermediate Group)

Paul’s group will continue to meet at Seedhill on Monday at 7.00 p.m. and will go out on runs until athletes can return to the track. Paul would appreciate it if some of our parents could join him when he goes out with his group.

Please check the club’s website www.pendleac.org.uk for up-to-date information whilst the track is closed or contact Chris on 01282 692480 or email: chrischorlton@chrischorlton.plus.com

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