Please see the track closure article for full details of training sessions.

For newer members of the Club and their parents, September is usually a time for some rest after the busy summer season and ahead of the winter cross country leagues.  A complete break is often recommended to recharge athletes both physically and mentally, you cannot train and compete hard all year round!

Younger athletes who haven’t competed so regularly can continue training, and their coaches will give advice.

As we move into the autumn a few tips are often appreciated by those who haven’t trained through the winter before.  The young athletes group will be indoors but the rest of us will be outside all winter.

1) wear warm clothes to warm up in.  Thermal tops and running tights are great, as is a waterproof jacket.  If you’re keen why not get these items added to birthday and Christmas lists?

2) always have dry and warm clothes for after training.  Don’t get your warm kit wet during the warm up and then shiver afterwards.

3) club runners must wear high viz when on the road in the dark.  White t shirts are not enough.  The club supplies reflective vests which must be worn if you don’t have your own.

Some athletes may really not like the bad weather.  To be a top athlete you need to train in all weathers but we are a community club, and sometimes it is better to miss some bad nights rather than to force a youngster to attend who then quits altogether.

Parental help is always valued for road sessions with the endurance and intermediate groups.  This can be through running with the group but also perhaps waiting at the park gates or even sitting in a car part way round the route in case anyone is struggling.  The intermediate group in particular needs a minimum of two adults to even do the park circuit, and ideally three.

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