Red Rose Cross Country League – Leverhulme Park, Bolton
Saturday 9th November 2013
SENSATIONAL ! – What a performance by our modest young bunch of athletes.  The day was dire, dark, dismal and VERY dirty ! The kids just loved it !  They put their heart and soul into their performances today despite the atrocious cold conditions….
Young Matthew Maxfield for the U11’s had a courageous run finishing in 43rd place in a field of 72 runners – everyone running today deserved a medal !
Next to run for the U13’s was Kai Atkins – again a fantastic run finishing in a brilliant 2nd place.  Following closely behind was Timmy Barnes, having a great run finishing in 14th place.  Next with an amazing sprint finish and a ‘smile upon his face’ was Harvey Van Geffen – awesome sprinting Harvey.  The U13 team finished in 5th place against some stronger bigger clubs – well done boys.
Next for the U15’s came our ‘Tour de Force’ our hidden weapon ‘THE PREDATOR’ Thomas Marchant – an amazing great achievement –1ST PLACE !  You have worked so hard Tom you wholeheartedly deserved your win today – well done.
Next in the U15 hunt came Gregan Baker finishing in 12th place – great run given the conditions and your age – fantastic Gregan (and stop smiling on photos !)
Following shortly behind came Jacob Van Geffen finishing in a credible 17th place – brilliant run Jacob and finally came Harry Schofield for the U15’s – putting in a strong run finishing in 22nd place – well done Harry.
The under 15 team finished overall in 2nd place today – well done – we still are overall in lst position so far – brilliant boys.
As Alison Phelan says – it was definitely a Daz Challenge today – good luck to all parents for getting your child’s kit clean – inspections to follow !!
Last but not least was our only senior representative of the day, Janet Barnes, who put in an amazing run finishing in 83rd place in the Ladies and fabulous 3+ minutes faster than last year and in worse conditions – tremendous Janet.
Well, another great day was had by all, a mucky one at that, but Happy Birthday to Kai’s mum Claire – great way to spend your birthday seeing your son do so well.
Final Red Rose Cross Country at Marl Pitts, Rossendale on 7th December.
Our next Mid Lancs is at Sefton Park, Liverpool on 23rd November – Christine needs to know whether you intend going to this.
For the athletes not running today we were informed that the Thompson twins finished in first place in their semi finals of their schools as did Ruby Schofield’s team so well done to you Pendle Athletes.

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