Sadly Monday 18th November will be the last night for the Intermediate Squad.  Following a change of job Paul cannot commit to being available on a Monday night.  Unfortunately we have no qualified coaches who can take over this group.

Regular athletes and their parents have been informed.  Athletes are encouraged to join one of the sprint, endurance or throw squads, where they will be warmly welcomed by those coaches.

Paul had planned a formal handover but due to the problems at the track we aren’t all in one place.  Paul and Christine can be contacted by any parents who need further information on the best alternative for their child.

This does highlight the urgent need for parents to offer to help out and obtain coaching qualifications (at the Club’s expense).  All of the coaches started out as parents of young athletes many years ago.  All of our children are long gone and indeed some are grandparents!  If you can help out please talk to Christine.

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