A lot of us turned up at the track for training on Monday night and found the lights off.  This is the information that we have at the moment:

Work on laying a new surface (tartan) has stopped for the winter because it requires three consecutive frost and rain free days to complete the work.  Any compromises would mean that the surface wouldn’t last.  It is now hoped to do this work in the spring.

The track has been handed back to Pendle Council from the specialist company recommended by UK Athletics.  The surface is level and the new areas are black, principally the home straight but a few patches elsewhere.  The company has stated that winter training can be undertaken on the track in this state.

However the repaired areas are significantly slippier when damp than the red tartan surface.  Following an inspection Pendle Leisure (the track operators) believe that this could be a health and safety issue for athletes.  Paul and Noel also checked on Monday night, and agreed.  This is why the track was unavailable.

Pendle Leisure and the Club believe that the track is usable (just by the Club)  provided that we stay off the black areas.  An agreement is being negotiated but this involves various parties and insurers.

When any more is known an update will be posted here.  Everyone apologises for the late closure of the track last night but the safety of our athletes is paramount.



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