After training last night (28th April) was disrupted once again, Christine wrote to Phil Storey, who is Chief Executive of Pendle Leisure Trust, who responded as below.


29th April 2014


Afternoon Christine


I’m trying to find out myself just what has happened to the line

markers ,they should have finished yesterday/today ,especially with the

weather we have had.


Sorry about the young Athletes , I think they could perhaps have used

the grassed area ,but in doing so would have had to be closely

supervised so not going on the track itself .


I understand your frustrations re the whole scheme, believe me when I

say we have had the same. Whilst we have had some days of fine weather

,the processes used meant they couldn’t get the run they needed. We

can ultimately just be glad that the work has been carried out &

hopefully very soon we will have it back in use


Phil Storey, Chief Executive, Pendle Leisure Trust Ltd


Christine has been told today that the workmen are coming back Friday and the track

will be in use next week.  Monday is a Bank Holiday so the track will be closed

but, fingers crossed,  Wednesday should be back to normal.

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