Coaching Assistant  Courses


Sunday 9th & Sunday 16th November

Note over 2 Sundays

Blackpool, Stanley Park NC0615
Saturday 15th Nov Sunday 16 November


Eastlands (formally Sportscity) NC0602
Saturday 15th & Saturday 22nd  November

Note over 2 Saturdays

Wigan, Robin Park Arena NC0606


If any parents would like to get involved with coaching our athletes and would be willing to go on a coaching course please let Chris, Lynn or Noel know.  The club needs more coaches and it really needs some of our younger parents assisting with this role within the club.  All expenses are covered for anyone who is willing to coach on a regular basis.  We can’t deny that it takes a lot of commitment but it’s also very rewarding and can be fun even in the winter months.  If you would normally wait at Seedhill for your child perhaps you could consider taking on a coaching role. 


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