Mid Lancs Cross Country League – TowneleyPark, Burnley


Saturday 10th January 2015


GUSTY !  Only one word for OUR runners on Saturday – GUTSY ! 


All credit to each and everyone of our runners on Saturday as twenty six Pendle runners turned out to run on Saturday and wrestle against the strong squally wind – even the fountain at Towneley was having it’s own battle !


Apologies to the little ones who came for the first time who bravely ran and I missed – well done to Mia Cooke, Poppy Dowell and Elliot Brown who turned up, registered and ran for the first time – thank you.


Dare not put our Pendle flag up on Saturday – thought we may never see it again !


Starting with the U11 Girls we had a fantastic performance from Caitlin Bowden, another newcomer, who had a brilliant run and finished in 49th place – well done Caitlin.  Also to Mia Cooke and Poppy Dowell who finished together in 56/57th place – brilliant for turning out on such a horrible, cold day.


On to the U11 Boys we saw an awesome run from Matthew Maxfield who finished in a fabulous 31st  place .  Running too for the first time was Jamie Ashworth, who seemed to enjoy himself, finishing a marvellous 38th place.  Another newcomer was Kieran Bowden who finished in 49th place which is fantastic for a first timer – impressive running Kieran and to our bravest runner of all, Elliot Brown who ran for the first time and survived this gruelling course finishing in 60th place – brilliant Elliot.


Moving on to our U13 Girls, our psychedelic trio, with their pink gloves, socks and headbands – thank you girls for making the day seem brighter!  Exceptional performances from Bethany Ashworth, Ruby Schofield and Ella Atkins, who finished in 15th, 17th and 18th place respectively earning themselves 3rd team position – outstanding girls.


Our two U13 Boys, who have endured mud, mud and more mud throughout the season both put in gritty performances.  Well done to Harry Smith who had a valiant run finishing in 22nd place and Harry Nelson, who has turned out for every cross country this season, having a determined run finishing in 31st place – brilliant running throughout the season – well done to you both.


Moving forward to our U15 Boys and Kai Atkins, who never ceases to amaze me, with his stupendous running.  Simply phenomenal Kai – storming his way to an incredible first place by 9 seconds – outstanding.


Second to run for the U15 Boys was Gregan Baker who put in one of his best performances of the season finishing in 16th place, brilliant Gregan, hope you were warm enough as he refused point blank to take any of his warm clothes off !  We saw Timmy Barnes having a run out on Saturday and put in a very credible performance finishing in 23rd place and finally Harvey Van Geffen, who turns out at most cross countries and survives the dire conditions but puts in the most amazing sprint finish every time – blink and you will miss him! Well done Harvey – I am very proud of your efforts this year and keep smiling !  The U15 boys also finished in 3rd team position – awesome.


Our lone entry for the U17 women, who ran alongside the U15 boys, was our Meisha Watson who just loves cross countries (not !)  She bravely ran in the boisterous conditions, dodging molehills and finished in a brilliant 7th place – well done for running Meisha.


On to our awesome pack of U17 men, who work as a team, stormed the race.  Finishing in an incredible 2nd place was Matty Barnes closely followed by James Marchant in 3rd – imposing performances from you both – brilliant.  Thomas Marchant followed closely behind, with an immense performance, finishing in 7th place following a recent illness – well done Thomas for surviving these dire conditions.  Then came Tiarnan Crorken, Luke Thompson and Matthew Thompson who all had formidable runs finishing in 12th, 13th and 14th place and finally, welcome to Emerson James who supported our Pendle Vest for the first time (albeit the snug variety !) and represented our team finishing in a superb 18th place.  The under 17 Men finished in an impeccable 1st place in the team positions – first class you boys.


Finally, but not least, on to our Senior Men where we saw Josh Ingham having a stunning run finishing in a stupendous 27th position out of 280 runners – this is simply outstanding Josh – you have grown so much (ha ha) with your running since you started and we are all very proud of you. Ryan Atkins, also put in an accomplished run, finished in a fabulous 203 place – well done to you two.  Sorry I never saw you finish but your positions say it all – and I was chilled to the bone !)


Our next Mid Lancs XC is at Lawsons Ground, Blackpool on 14th February, Valentines Day, so come and show us some love ( of mud !)


Report by Lynn Baker


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