The Club training nights are on Monday and Wednesday from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.   Coaches arrange additional training sessions with groups of older athletes by invitation only.   You should aim to arrive early to warm up for a prompt start. 

The club welcomes athletes of all abilities and backgrounds aged 7 upwards.

Athletes are allocated to training squads by the officials and coaches.  Please respect their decisions.  In particular athletes aged 10 and under will start in the young athlete group, and new athletes aged 11 to 14 years will start in the intermediate squad.  Experience has shown that putting young athletes into the specialist squads at too young an age is not good for the individual or for other members of the squad and the coach.

If it is your first time at Seedhill, wear some warm, loose fitting clothes and a comfortable pair of trainers.  You probably won’t get too cold whilst actually training but make sure that you have dry and warm clothing for afterwards. 

Parents – a number of parents go out for a road, hill or canal run on Monday and Wednesday evening whilst the kids are training at the track.  You don’t need to be a club member yourself to join in nor do you have to pay a track fee.  If you are interested please talk to Paul down at the track who will introduce you to other parents.  In addition the endurance and intermediate groups are often keen to have parents accompanying younger athletes on road runs; please talk to one of the coaches if you can help out.

Training is normally at Seedhill Athletics Track, Nelson which is opposite the Thatch and Thistle pub.  The young athletes group meet at Fisher More School during the winter (2012-13) with a start time of 18:45.