We hope to be able to run all of the training squads throughout the summer holidays.  However we do have issues due to coaches being on holiday so it may be that some groups have to run together.

The Club would particularly appreciate any help that parents can give with the young athlete group.  Bernard will be away and due to a new job Daemon can’t always get down for 7pm.  This group really needs more than one adult anyway.  If you can help pleaese let Paul know.

If we have to cancel any sessions we will post details on the website.

Our normal policy is that each coaching squad is led by a level 2 (or higher) coach assisted by level 1 coaches.  We use parents to help provide safety cover on road runs.  As a minimum we can operate with one level 2 coach at the track with squads led by level 1 coaches working to a programme from the relevant level 2 coach.

Please do offer to help because in the past the younger squads have had holiday breaks but this is hard on those youngsters who aren’t going away.

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