Leah Hillman had a fine day going to no. 1 in the powerof10 – with a fine throw of 31.94m (Natrika threw over 20m in the same competition) and a PB of  9.16 in the shot.

Both Daemon and Natrika were a little disappointed in only clearing 1.30m in the high jump (it was raining) – and Daemon will no doubt be striving to increase his U13 boys club record further before the end of the season.

Neng also competed and though he was beaten into 2nd place in the 100m, he reversed the placings on the 200m recording a PB of  24.5s.

Southport & Waterloo Open

Editors note: The Power of 10 holds athletes career performances and compares across the UK for each season.  Therefore Leah has thrown the javelin further than anyone else her age this year.  See http://www.thepowerof10.info/athletes/profile.aspx?athleteid=203639

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