Pendle AC is hosting a Come and Try It evening on Monday 16th April at 7pm.  This marks 100 days before the start of the London Olympics and is open to any young person from the age of 7.

New members are welcome on any club night but previous evenings such as this have been a great success.  Combined with linking to the London Olympics we hope to have a fun night and recruit a few new members.

Many thanks to everyone who came along and to the coaches who helped out.  If you came and enjoyed yourself then you are welcome at club training sessions on Monday and/or Wednesday at 7pm at Seedhill track.  On Monday we run young athlete (7 yrs old to approx 10/11) and intermediate (10/11 to 13/14 yrs) squads plus the main sprint, endurance and throws squads.  There isn’t an intermediate squad on wednesday but atheletes can join the other squads as appropriate.

When you come down ask for Paul or Christine and we will sort you out.  After a couple of weeks we ask that you join the Club, but make sure that you enjoy it first.

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