A good turnout last night for the first Bunny Run of the season in a blizzard!  Well done to all who ran but especially Darius Boardman who came 11th overall.  These may seem low key events but the sharp end is very competitive and some of the best runners in the country were there.

Alex Baker triumphed by winning the fancy dress competition as well as having an excellent race.  Well done to those athletes who haven’t competed in these races before, I hope you enjoyed the chocolate throw out.

Results on www.woodentops.org.uk plus pictures, of which the two on here are copyright woodentops.  And yes that is a Club coach dressed as a bunny!

Don’t forget that this Saturday is Pendle Fell race from Barley.  This is our local race plus it’s the Lancashire Champs, Pennine Inter Clubs and English champs race.  This means that it will be very busy so allow plenty of time for parking a long way down the road, and for registration.  The organisers are asking for pre entry if possible, see FRA website for details.


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