Thanks to Christine, Richard Marchant and Lyn Baker I’m now receiving quite a lot of material for the website.  I will write reports for events that I personally attend but don’t write articles based on results alone.  More material is always appreciated.

Just some points to make my life easier:

1) please don’t write a word document and then send that as an email attachment.  Formatting is easier if you just write something in the email itself.

2) the occasional photograph helps lighten up the page but there isn’t a photo gallery on the website.  Please select the odd photo for me rather than sending dozens.

3) photos for the website only need to be 100kb or so in size.  Some cameras now take 6Mb which is 60 times the resolution I need.  Please reduce the resolution at your end before sending to me.  I have a slow speed internet connection and the website can only take lower resolution photos anyway

4) try and make articles interesting to the majority of readers who won’t have been at the event.  Of particular note are things such as bad weather, athletes undertaking unusual events, outstanding effort etc.

General pictures can be posted in larger numbers on the facebook site.  This is also a quicker way of getting information out to club members.  The web site is more a “shop window” to non club members.

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