Liverpool Throws and Jumps Competition

The Original Throws & Jumps started 2004

        at Liverpool Harriers A.C @ Wavertree Athletics Centre Liverpool

Start of Season competition April 20th 2013 or or

Awards for U15 & U17 attaining Grade 1 A.A.A.

Standard in their event. Supported By U.K.A                       

 Standards on A.A.A. site

AAA Standard Badges and (Certificates (Free) will be available on the

day @ small charge for Badges will apply (towards A.A.A. fund)


Competitors meeting standards on Web Site

 will get a further 3 throws  Except u15 who will have 4 trials

Competitors will only be able to compete in one age group on the day


A Prize of       1st £25        2nd £15         3rd £10      for Seniors Athletes

              A Prize of        1st £20         2nd £12           3rd £8        for under 20 Athletes


  Will be awarded to U20 & Senior Male & Female athletes for the best performances

                                       on the Day Based on UK Challenge Points system

A minimum of 5 competitors in any Jumps Event will be required to hold the event

The organizers reserve the right to cancel the event if entries fall below this number

Athletes to allow 45min to collect numbers and warm-up

Events will start at 10 am prompt. Warm up area available indoor


Entry Fee,   £ 6.00 one event,    £9.00 for two,    £12.00 for three


Postal entries closing Date April 15th 2013 **** Entries by e-mail up to 8pm on the 15th  

 No Entries on the day due to anticipated Entries

EDM will be used on all Long Throws

Start 10am    Javelin,m/f sen-u20,     Pole Vault all m/f,       Shot All male  


Events as above followed by; Triple Jump,  High Jump,  Hammer,   Long Jump,   Discus


Approximate Start time table will be available on 18th ON WEBB SITE





Address_______________________________________ _______PostCode_________________




 e-mail _______________________________________________________________________-


Club___________________________D.O.B_______________AgeGroup____ Male/Female____


      Event No 1__________________Event No 2_________________Event No 3__________________


      Start Height for High jump_______________Start Height for pole Vault______________for seeding


  Cheque’s Payable to Liverpool Harriers A.C.    

                              C/O  Mrs L Bomba, 69 Meadow Lane, West Derby, Liverpool, L12 5EB          

e-mail        web site


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