A good Pendle turnout today at Penistone Quarry for the first race of Woodentops season.  Results are at http://www.woodentops.org.uk/assets/results/11withins.pdf  Well done to Lucy on completing the tough senior race in a time of 64 minutes coming in 223rd place out of 321 senior finishers.  In my initial report I hadn’t picked up that Ruby Schofield won the U10 girls, I was running during the junior presentation, well done Ruby.  There were 170 junior runners!

This is a picture of just some of the Pendle runners.

Last year Paul gave notice that he intended to step down as Chairman after 5 years in the chair.

If anyone is interested in taking on this role please could they let Paul know as soon as possible  He will provide support and advice to anyone taking on the role.  You do not need to be an existing committee member to take on this role (Paul wasn’t).

Two great cross country races coming up over the next two weekends and both local.  This Saturday sees the latest round of the Red Rose league at Hyndburn and the following Saturday sees the opening fixture of the Mid Lancs League at Townley Park Burnley.

The Club is a member of both leagues so there is no entry fee for athletes, just turn up on the day.  For the Red Rose league please remember your race number if you have run before, for the Mid Lancs numbers are collectable from Club officials before the race and are also reused.

This Sunday sees the first of the Quarry fell runs at Penistone Quarry near Haworth, again not far away.  These races are ideal for younger athletes from age 6 upwards with interesting courses and lots of prizes.  Do get there early because there can be nearly 200 young runners plus 300 or so seniors.  The senior race is the Withins Skyline, the longest of the series.  Details on www.woodentops.org.uk.   Note that senior entries for the Auld Lang Syne open on 1st November (race is on New Year’s eve) and that this will fill up well before the day.

A number of club runners ran at the first Red Rose Cross Country league at Leigh Sports village and there is a report in the Lancashire Telegraph.  We also has some great success at the English Schools Fell Running championships at Cockermouth where a number of Club athletes ran for their schools.

Just a reminder that the young athlete group have now moved to Pendle Vale School for the winter on Monday nights only.  The intermediate group will remain at Seedhill track for the next few weeks to give them a variety of training opportunities.  The endurance squad should consult Noel as to location on Monday nights.  Sprint and throws squads remain at Seedhill all year.

Please dress up warmly for winter training.  It was great to have 13 youngsters in my intermediate group last night in appalling weather, however a couple did get cold and need to wear warmer clothes.  It will only get colder!

The usual request for articles for the web site.  I am very busy at the moment and don’t have time to write everything myself.

Anna has won a series of three sprint triathlon races called the Toro Goldrush series.  To her complete suprise at the series awards ceremony Anna was presented with 2 gold sovereigns for her age group win.

Anna’s Dad, John, has been on the internet and can confirm that this is a significant prize!

Now supported with a specialist bike from local company Hope Technologies Anna is becoming a force to be reckoned with in what for her is still a new event.  Previously Anna has competed in the pool with Colne ASC and on the track and fell with Pendle.  Is she following the Brownlee brother’s route from fell running to international tri?

ANNA Anderson is in the money after winning the Toro Goldrush Triathlon Series.

It was a complete surprise for the Pendle Athletic Club member as there was no advance publicity, but for winning the overall series of three races she was presented with two gold sovereigns. With the second lady winning one and the third getting a half sovereign, it will have cost the main sponsor a fair sum.

Anderson, a former junior fell running international, won all three races, including the Zone 3 David Lloyd Hull Tri in July. At each event the age group prize has been a £5 Olympic Countdown mint coin and there have been substantial prizes for being the overall female winner.

Each race was held over the sprint distance which is half the Olympic length, starting with a swim of 750 metres then a 20k bike ride and 5k run. The last was Sunday’s SIS Humber Sprint Triathlon which she won in 1:12:59. It was held over the same course as the first back in April and she improved by 3.5 minutes, including three on the bike.

With the runner up on Sunday beating Anna’s winning time in April, the new bike from Hope Technology in

There is a growing night running scene on the lower fells (and some bigger ones).  This is strictly for seniors who need to be prepared to look after themselves in tough conditions.  Most people use very powerful (and expensive) headtorches, so be warned, plus full winter gear.  These events go ahead regardless of the weather and that includes snow.

They may appeal to some of our hardier members!  night fell races – winter 2011

Most athletes will now have received a cross country fixture list and
details of the two leagues in which we compete.  A copy is also available
on our website,  www.pendleac.org.uk – in Competition Calendar
Any  U11 athlete who wishes to compete in the Red Rose League must be 8
years old on the day of the race.  The U11 age group is part of the
league and is therefore eligible for awards at the end of the season.
Athletes competing must wear a club vest.  We do have a small number of
vests to lend on the day but it is much better if athletes purchase their
own vest.
Presently, we are a number of vests missing from the stock we loan for the
day because athletes who have borrowed vests have not returned them.  If
anyone has a club vest which they have not purchased please can they
return it as soon as possible.
In the Mid Lancs League the U11 races are used as an introduction to cross
country and athletes are not eligible for awards at the end of the season.
There is not an 8 year old restriction and Dawn, who organizes the league
is happy for younger athletes to run if parents feel their  child will
enjoy the run (see your child’s coach if you are uncertain).  Under 11
athletes do not have to wear a club vest but if there are any spare from
our ‘loan stock’ they can borrow one.  Alternatively they can also
purchase their own club vest.
The first fixture in the Red Rose League is this Saturday, 8 October at
Leigh Sports Village.

This will take place at Nelson, Cricket Club, Seedhill (just past the track) on Friday 25th November.  It will consist of a summary of the year, presentations by celebrity guests, pie and peas, then a disco.  Unfortunately we can’t guarantee snow this year – which will benefit the takings but not the kids fun.

All Club members are encouraged to attend for an enjoyable night out.

From Monday 17th October the Young Athletes Group will move to Pendle Vale School on Monday nights from 7pm to 8pm.  They will train in the sports hall using indoor athletics equipment.

The Endurance Squad (Noel’s group) will move to Pendle Vale at the same time but will run on roads in the surrounding area.  We need parents to run with this group – please see Noel.

The Intermediate Squad (Paul’s group) will not move to Pendle Vale until mid November – this is different to the handout.  This group will stay at Seedhill Track until then but will go on road runs whenever possible – we could also do with one parent to help to operate this safely.  When at Pendle Vale the intermediate squad will do sprints, endurance and speed interval sessions using the space in front of the school and the fitness trail.

The sprint and throws squads will remain at the Seedhill Track during the winter, as will the Wednesday young athletes group.

Please note that all road runs will require a reflective top and these can be provided by the Club.  White tops are not sufficient.

From Richard Marchant:

Pendle had two teams at the Northern Cross Country Relays at Graves Park Sheffield on Saturday.  Have not got the official results yet but all six runners had brilliant runs and did Pendle AC proud.

The U13 Boys consisting of 1st Leg Tiarnan Crorken, 2nd Leg Matty Barnes and 3rd Leg Thomas Marchant just narrowly missing out on 3rd place coming in 4th.

The U15 Boys consisting of 1st Leg Darius Boardman, 2nd Leg Matty Dutton and 3rd Leg James Marchant who came in 8th Position.

Not sure how many teams there were in the competition, but all the boys ran their hearts out and had a good day out in the glorious sunshine.

Three of our young throwers went to one of the last Open meetings of the year at the weekend and walked off with lots of medals.

Gregan Baker won a gold for hammer (12.61) and a bronze medal for javelin (24.91).  Spencer Phelan got a silver for shot with 6.54, and gold for hammer with 18.59.  Leah Hillman got golds for hammer (19.09), discus (25.72), Javelin (30.61) and a silver for shot (9.80).

If anyone believes that the Club records aren’t up to date please email me post@wycoller.com with full details including a link to the official meeting results.

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